Cooke & Company Photography | About
About me? Well, I am Alex Cooke, a husband and father of a phenomenal son.

Since middle school, I had a camera in my hand. I still miss my Pentax. About twelve years ago, I began my journey to shoot photographs professionally. I thought I was prepared for everything! I've worked as a firefighter and served in the Marine chance. Brides, grooms and most children keep me on my toes.

Every time I squeeze the shutter button on my camera, I know I'm capturing someone's special moment. I feel honored to be a part of that moment--wedding or portrait. You entrusting me to capture your memory is amazingly flattering. I cherish that and will reward that trust by capturing every thrilling memory possible. I want those memories in your wallets, on your walls, spread across Facebook and passed out to your friends.

You know me now...give me a shot. This could be "the shot" for the frame!